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money-heartWe will be able to give you an accurate budget estimate after a free initial consultation. And we know you need to plan ahead.

Here’s a rough breakdown of most web project budgets we work with:

  • Small business and nonprofit clients needing a robust, feature-rich site, including: complete branding support and outstanding design, mailing list sign-up integration, portfolios, galleries, videos, homepage slideshow, a blog and/or some e-commerce or event registration component typically fall in the budget range of $2,000 – $8,000, depending on the site’s size, feature requirements and need for support in developing the copy and graphic assets.
  • Individuals or small businesses who need just a very small and simple but professional site with few custom features can often be built in a day or two, using templates.  These sites can range from $600 – $1200.

All sites we build use wordpress technology, include Google Analytics tracking and a one-hour training session with you so you can maintain your own site’s content post-launch.

Our hourly rates are;

  • $95/hr for new projects, design and development
  • $80/hr for site maintenance (this rate may not apply to sites we did not develop.)

Lower maintenance rates are available with maintenance contracts and we offer referral fees and project pre-payment credits for additional ways to save.

Search engine optimization packages range from $345 – $895.

Contact us to learn more.

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